Expert Advisor Programming for MetaTrader 4

Brand new and fully updated for the latest versions of MetaTrader 4, Expert Advisor Programming for MetaTrader 4 is a practical guide to programming expert advisors in the MQL4 language. Leverage the latest features imported from the MQL5 language, including object-oriented programming,
enumerations, structures and more.

This book will teach you the following concepts:

  • The basics of the MQL4 language, including variables and data types, operations, conditional and loop operators, functions, classes and objects, event handlers and more.
  • Place, modify and close market and pending orders.
  • Add a stop loss and/or take profit price to an individual order, or to multiple orders.
  • Close orders individually or by order type.
  • Get a total of all currently opened orders.
  • Work with OHLC bar data, and locate basic candlestick patterns.
  • Find the highest high and lowest low of recent bars.
  • Work with MetaTrader’s built-in indicators, as well as custom indicators.
  • Add a trailing stop or break even stop feature to an expert advisor.
  • Use money management and lot size verification techniques.
  • Add a flexible trading timer to an expert advisor.
  • Construct several types of trading systems, including trend, counter-trend and breakout systems.
  • Add alerts, emails, sounds and other notifications.
  • Add and manipulate chart objects.
  • Read and write to CSV files.
  • Construct basic indicators, scripts and libraries.
  • Learn how to effectively debug your programs, and use the Strategy Tester to test your strategies.

Whether you’re a new trader with limited programming experience, or an experienced programmer who has worked in other languages, Expert Advisor Programming for MetaTrader 4 is the easiest way to get
up and running in MQL4.